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Cami Jones & Company’s Planter Party

Cami Jones & Co. held a fun, new, client and friends event this year; a holiday planter party. About 70 women (plus one very patient male team member) gathered to learn how to make beautiful planters. The workshop was taught by Julie Cruz with Adorn Planters. The event was held at southern Johnson County’s newest event venue, Gather at Red Cedar Gardens.

Wine and cheese were provided by the team in the beautiful, festive garden shop.

When guests arrived, they immediately felt the warmth of the holidays as they entered the garden shop at Gather. The space had multiple areas where attendees could mingle, grab a drink and a snack, and enjoy the beautiful holiday decorations. There were multiple trees and twinkle lights everywhere. The garden shop was connected to an enormous greenhouse where the workshop took place. With the room full of the greenery that was to be used in the arrangements, the whole place smelled of pine and the holidays!

Each person grabbed a bundle of supplies and got to work.

Julie walked the attendees through the process of building a beautiful planter in three different work sessions. There were two options for planters, 12” and 14”, so everyone had to know the size of their planter when they initially made their order.

Participants donned gloves and let their creativity flow!

The greenery arrangements were assembled in temporary pots that could be dropped into their own planters once they got home.

                    These ladies were having fun while creating their masterpieces!

At Julie’s instruction, everyone started with the tallest plants in the middle; in this case, spruce tops. She then had several other, smaller, evergreen branches that could be arranged around the spruce tops. Pine cones, berries and round ornaments that were attached to picks were then placed throughout the greenery to fill in spaces and add pops of color. Finally, a long piece of garland was wrapped around the base of the entire arrangement and zip tied to secure it.

The greenhouse comfortably accommodated everyone and allowed each person to create their own work space.

Sound complicated? Adorn Planters can do yours for you as often as you would like. Check out for more information about their services. You can also follow them on Instagram at @adornplanters.

               Ta da! Instant curb appeal!

Are you looking to host a wedding, baby shower, rehearsal dinner, family reunion, birthday party, or just a fun evening with friends? Look no further than Gather at Red Cedar Gardens. Besides the garden shop/greenhouse space, they have an open-air pavilion, fire pits and wide-open spaces. You must see it to believe it! Gather at Red Cedar Gardens is on 183rd Street just west of 69 Highway. Follow them on Instagram at @gatheratredcedargardens.

Cami Jones & Co. is so appreciative of their clients and referrals! The evening was so much fun – perhaps it needs to be an annual event!

                 Happy holidays from the Cami Jones and Company team!

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