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Sell Your House with Cami Jones Collaborative

There are so many things that come into play when you sell a home. From staging and marketing to organizing showings and ensuring the paperwork is on the up and up, a lot of things need to go right to sell a home without a ton of headaches.

Although the things we mentioned above are likely on your mind, the questions you truly want to be answered are things like, “How do I sell my home fast?” and “Why won’t my house sell?” Below, we want to share some information that will give you peace of mind and help you sell your home.

Family standing in front of their freshly sold house thanks to Cami Jones

How to Sell Your House

Selling your house is not a one-step process. When it comes to selling a house, people are looking for certain things, and that means that you have to cater to the needs of the home buyer.

The first step to selling your home is to decide how you’re going to sell.

Are you going to be listing your house online? Are you going to be going through a real estate agency? Will you try to sell your house yourself? You have to decide this before you can do anything else and have confidence that your strategy will be effective.

Once you’ve done this, you need to determine how much you are going to list the home for. To do this, you should have your home inspected with a pre-sale home inspection, and they will tell you if there are any issues that need sorting out.

Then, you should have a home appraisal that will tell you how much it is worth. Use this information to determine the amount that you’re going to list your home for.

As soon as you have determined the price, you need to get your home ready for the market. We’re going to look at this in a bit more detail in another section of this post.

As soon as it is ready, your home should be put on the market. When you get an offer, you should go through the negotiation process before you finally accept the offer, especially if there are multiple offers on the table.

Once this is all finished, you need to go through the closing process, which includes choosing a closing date and paying all closing costs.

Common Mistakes Made By People Selling Their Homes

It’s easy to make mistakes when you are putting your home up for sale. Some of these mistakes can seriously hinder the sale.

The first mistake people make is getting too emotional. We know that selling your home can be tough, but you need to try and keep emotion out of it as much as possible.

You need to think of yourself as a businessperson or home seller rather than someone who lived at the house for many years. Otherwise, you might end up turning potential home buyers away.

It is important to remember that the final sale price might not be what you originally listed it as. Negotiations are a very important part of the process.

Another problem that people have is that they set an unrealistic price for their home. It is easy to try and get more out of your house than what it is actually worth, but we urge you to use caution here.

Your expert real estate agent from Cami Jones Collaborative will be able to advise you on whether or not they think you are asking too much before you put it on the market.

You will find that if your price is too high, people are not going to be interested. It’s at this point that working with an agent can prove to be extremely useful.

How to Stage Your Home for a Faster Sale

It’s crucial that you are staging your home properly if you want it to sell. This needs to be done in the main areas of your home, especially in spaces like the dining room and the kitchen.

The first piece of advice that we can give you here is to de-personalize the space. You want a potential buyer to be able to imagine themselves living in the house. A reminder – if someone else is currently living there, that isn’t going to help.

Get rid of all personal items from the space and ensure your home is more of a blank canvas than anything else.

Another piece of advice is that you clean it from top to bottom. If you don’t want to do this yourself, then hire a professional cleaning service to come in and take over before you start showing your home to people.

You are more likely to make a sale if your home is completely clean. A professional service will know where to look for the hard-to-reach dirt and will leave the property spotless.

This extends to the outside of your home too. Your curb appeal and the presentation of your yard are just as important to selling your home. Potential buyers really care how the outside of the house will look to neighbors and passersby.

Finally, you should try to allow as much light as possible into the home. Dark and boring rooms are going to attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Brighten all the rooms as much as you can and keep all the curtains and blinds open. This will not only help them appear brighter but larger too.

Light is going to be your best friend when you’re trying to sell your home. If your house has been on the market before and hasn’t sold, then this could be one of your problems.

Looking for your Next Home, Too?

Now, you should have some of the information that you need to get started with the home-selling process. The team at Cami Jones Collaborative is here to help guide you through the selling process.

We will ensure that you get the best possible sale in the best possible time frame. Get in touch with us today to speak to a member of our amazing team.

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